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A Dark Fantasy Book Novel Series full of mystery, inner evolution, a powerful darkness, unbridled hatred, goodness and the inner power within you….

Legend of
The Dark Elf

this fantasy series
resembles no other...

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“Embrace the darkness within your heart, for it holds the key to your highest truth and greatest power. Darkness itself carries no evil unless we assign it so – a choice that lies within each of us. From every light, a shadow is born; without light, there would be no shadow. What we deem as good or evil stems from our experiences and interpretations. Every wisdom we need rests within us, obscured by the misconceptions of our perception, unexplored by many.

The duality of light and shadow reveals the inseparable unity of the inner and the outer: without the inner, the outer would not exist. The external emerges from the omnipresent spirit of which we are all a part yet individual. Only by tapping into your own inner wisdom and expressing your true self can you shine brightly enough to burn even the sun”.

Quote: Vinthriador

A truth awaits for those who leap

Where the woods cast shadows deep

I will stand when others fall

Should fear arise, heed my call

Beyond the lore's mystic veil

Aereathor's heart sets your sail

A tempest born of ice and hate

destined by the threads of fate

It may whisper secrets in the trees

Or wield dark magic that brings us to our knees

In twilight's gloom and eerie moon

the dark aesthetic casts its rune
Dark Elf Warrior Sentinel Troop Dark Fantasy Novel Mountain A dark dressed witch with a white pale faces sitting in the forest with ravens Ice Queen or Snow Queen standing in a winter scenario with a sword, ready to battle Dark Fantasy Witch flying over a field near the forests

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Art Elven Skull with engraved symbols like a tree and occult symbols

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    / 2023 — 2024

    A Haute Couture dressed like High Elvish Model stands next to a white horse. High elves.
    November 26, 2023
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    I am excited to share, that Valtyr has been featured as a...

    Artwork Depicting Dark Elf Mythology: "Fantasy artwork illustrating Dark Elf mythology and folklore, with mystical landscapes and characters."
    November 20, 2023
    • Valtyr
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    Introduction to the Mysterious World of Dark Elves Welcome to the fascinating...

    Dragon Warrior - Dragon Rider Dark Elves Background
    October 16, 2023
    • Valtyr
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    The Dragon Pact of Fire: Ballad of the Drakh Ignathar The Pact...

    Eldthari Dark Elf Background
    October 10, 2023
    • Valtyr
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    The Pureblood Dark Elves “In Varlagh’s heart where shadows creep, where ancient...

    Dark Elf Fantasy - When Darkness Approaches You Dont Run
    October 2, 2023
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    When Darkness approaches you – Get even darker! “Approach us not, O...

    Valtyr Dark Elf Fantasy FAQ
    August 8, 2023
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    Dear readers / friends, I am pleased to present to you these...

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    / 2023 — 2024

    Eleanor, the fierce sister of Valtyr, stands as a formidable Dark Elf of Thalheimar. Clad in dark, intricate armor and wielding a mighty sword, she embodies the strength and mystique of the dark fantasy realm. What challenges await her in the shadows of Thalheimar? You will see… 🌌⚔️

    PS: I decided to show some of these fantasy characters without the Corpsepaint but no worries, it will return later 😉 stay tuned!

    © 2024 @valtyr_official - All rights reserved. Enjoy exclusive designs, poems, and artwork from the dark fantasy book series: “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf.”

    Beneath the storm where warriors tread, Nordic hearts with fierce resolve… Thunder roars, lightning overhead! Battle calls as strength evolves. Fearless strength in darkest night, bravery in the face of storm, Halvarth warriors, fierce in fight. 🌩️

    In their hearts, true courage forms. Resilience in the savage land… power surges, fierce and bright, Northern hearts with mystic hand. ⚡️

    In darkness breaks the light. Nature’s wrath, a beauty wild, Determination strong and keen, Fierce defiance, not beguiled, Savage spirits, bold and seen… Strength and courage intertwined. Vengeance strikes with mighty force, Warrior daughters, dark and kind, Thunder’s call their guiding course. ⚔️

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    Halvarth`s Pagan Warriors - The Daughters Of Thunder⚡

    “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf” - Experience the magic through our original designs, poems, and artworks. © 2024 @valtyr_official , all rights reserved.

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    We many times saw the pagan warriors of Halvarth but I noticed the brave barbarian women were left behind, so let`s change that and have a look. If you don`t remember what these Halvarth warrios or barbarians are... here is a brief simple reminder 😉 😛

    Halvarth is a Nordic community in the fantasy world of Valtyr. This community consists of people who once fled from Yndrah and allied with the wild tribes of the North. Halvarth is known for its warlike nature, strength and loyalty. The community has been hardened by the harsh conditions of the North and possesses magical abilities based on the elements of storm, lightning, and thunder!⚡

    They are particularly feared because of their wolf bears, a cross between a wolf and a bear which they use as companions and war allies. Halvarth and its inhabitants are proud and merciless, especially towards the dark elves, whom they consider their greatest enemies. Their culture emphasizes strength, self sufficiency,
    and disdain for the “weak,” as they call other humans... ⚔️

    Gandalf noticed they might need the master ring soon after reading „Valtyr“ 😀 Sorry friends, I couldn’t resist! 😂 I love The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Tolkien in general, so don’t mind please... 😀 

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    Beneath Throdon’s gloom, Erresth strides unseen… A strict beauty cloaked in light, yet dark her mien. With eyes like night and heart of ice so cold, her tale of shadowed power, ages old.

    Through ancient halls, her whispered secrets flow, a queen of dusk, where cursed magics grow. No mercy graces her, nor daylight’s touch! Erresth’s dark reign, feared by many, known by much… 🕸️🤘🏻

    © 2024 @valtyr_official - All rights reserved. Enjoy exclusive designs, poems, and artwork from the dark fantasy book series: “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf.”

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    A dark power, untold, suppressed by the minds of the blind….. 🕸️🤘🏻🖤📖

    “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf” - Experience the magic through our original designs, poems, and artworks. © 2024 @valtyr_official, all rights reserved.

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    Amidst Throdon’s depths in the eastern lands, where shadows weave, Erresth, in mortal guise, her dark heart grieves. A hidden queen among Venarak, in twilight’s hold. Bound by a witch’s curse, her tale unfolds. Her beauty masks a soul devoid of light… Eyes like tempests brewing in the night. Her voice, a haunting hymn of ancient lore, a melody that chills to the core! 🤘🏻

    In stone-clad halls where serpents coil and hiss, Erresth weaves her plots with lethal, silent bliss. No mercy stirs within her shadowed heart… Her path is set, no light can tear apart. Erresth, the arbiter of fate’s dark threads, in Throdon’s depths, her power spreads. A figure draped in secrets, bound by night… Her silent reign, a testament to shadow’s might.


    📖 About: The very short story of Erresth:

    Erresth, the Queen of the Venarak, rules over a hidden realm in the depths of eastern Throdon (east lands of the Elven realm). The Venarak, very old spider-like humanoids, inhabit a labyrinth of dark caverns and winding tunnels, protected by powerful magic.

    Although she appears to mortals as a mostly black dressed woman of extraordinary beauty, Erresth is bound to the shadow world of the Venarak by an ancient curse. She combines diplomacy with underlying malevolence and masters dark magic, which she has perfected over centuries…

    Erresth’s influence extends far beyond her underground kingdom. She skillfully navigates the complex politics of Throdon, always intent on protecting her domain. Her true ambitions remain hidden in the dark, as mysterious as the unexplored depths of her realm. 👑🕸️

    As the embodiment of the enigmatic nature of the Venarak, Erresth symbolizes the dualism of beauty and darkness, driven by her pursuit of power and the preservation of her ancient bloodline.

    Within the twilight’s realm, where shadows sway, Eldjares, the eldest, in grand display. The dark elf prince, upon his throne so grand… Yet solitude consumed his heart with pain. Enchanted by the ancient arts of old. He delved in magic, darkness his pursuit… A scholar, in his quest for power, resolute. His mind and heart entwined in secrets bold. Avoiding others, even kin.

    A story poisoned deep within his soul.. A tale of higher race, a twisted goal. A twisted fate, his thoughts ensnared in sin. A guard once whispered darkness in his ear... ov malformed dark elves, lost and inferior. A new and potent race, deemed superior… These twisted notions, all his heart could hear.

    His sisters, kind and caring, sought to mend, The fractured bond, to guide him to the dark light… Yet in his heart, the deepest darkness held him tight. A path so lost, a destiny to bend. Eldjares, prince of shadows’ reign. A tale of struggle, power, and despair. His sisters’ love, a whisper in the air. A hope to heal, and break the venom’s chain 🌙

    “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf” - Experience the magic through our original designs, poems, and artworks. © 2024 @valtyr_official, all rights reserved.

    In northern lands far from Aereathor, where ice winds blow… A child of fate, in frost and snow. With witches’ care, her power grew. A heart of ice ❄️👑, with vengeance true. Through icy storms, her magic honed… a silent vow, her rage intoned. To home she’ll ride, on frost-bound steed, to claim her past, and make foes bleed! ⚔️ 👑

    “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf” - Experience the magic through our original designs, poems, and artworks. © 2024 @valtyr_official, all rights reserved.

    Nordic Dragons and Aereathor`s Dark Elves are the worst enemies one can imagine. 🐉⚔️❄️
    I kept this artwork a bit more fantasy book stylish and not photo realistic since I had to draw in quite some stuff, re-upload it again, generating and photoshopped over and over again (couple of weeks ago). Hope you like it 😉

    © 2024 @valtyr_official - All rights reserved. Enjoy exclusive designs, poems, and artwork from the dark fantasy book series: “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf.”

    This week, we are delving more into the creepy and horror aspects of the story. We will take a brief look into the terrifying ethereal depths of a spiritual horror that will appear very late in the story and may be very disturbing for some... I will showcase some of the horrifying impressions of these dark spirits here. 👻💀

    In the image we see a haunting, ethereal figure with a dark, ominous aura standing shrouded in a spectral mist, evoking a sense of supernatural horror and dark fantasy. The figure’s ghostly presence and eerie beauty are enhanced by the macabre design, capturing the essence of ethereal evil and nightmare fuel. 🖤

    No worries, every horror ends... 😉


    © 2024 @valtyr_official - All rights reserved. Enjoy exclusive designs, poems, and artwork from the dark fantasy book series: “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf.”

    The ancient dragon magic of the Ahvanar Elves, coming soon!

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    In Ahvanar`s realm, a solitary queen, draped in autumn`s gold, ethereal sheen. Elven magic whispers through darkened boughs… A tale of bravery, ignorance, and vows!🧝‍♀️🍂✨

    © 2024 @valtyr_official - All rights reserved. Enjoy exclusive designs, poems, and artwork from the dark fantasy book series: “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf.”

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    One of the craziest Novels I've ever read

    I had the chance to read half of the chapters before the official release. "Valtyr - Legend of the Darkelf" is a novel where the grandeur of epic fantasy and high fantasy meets the intense realm of dark fantasy, set in the mesmerizing world of Aereathor. The first thing I thought of was "Wow some Drow stuff like in various fantasy settings, most notably in the "Dungeons & Dragons" universe", but it was far more. This story unfolds a rich array of characters, from Dark Elves to witches, dragons, and beings of ethereal realms, each woven into a narrative rich with allegory and adventure. While the depth and complexity might remind one of J.R.R. Tolkien's works, "Valtyr" delves even deeper, offering a unique exploration of themes where the forces of darkness and light entwine, showcasing the profound journey of each character. Embark on this dark fantasy novel, a journey where bravery, love, and the eternal battle between good and evil resonate in a world that captivates with its transformative magic.What sets 'Valtyr' apart is I guess echoes of Norse mythology, imbuing the tale with a distinct and powerful resonance. Unlike initial assumptions, this story cannot be easily compared to the likes of 'Game of Thrones', 'Baldur's Gate', or 'Harry Potter'. Instead, 'Valtyr' carves out its own niche in the fantasy genre, potentially standing as one of the best fantasy books of all time for me.

    Marian Otaiano

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