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A Dark Fantasy Book Novel Series full of mystery, inner evolution, a powerful darkness, unbridled hatred, goodness and the inner power within you….

Legend of
The Dark Elf

this fantasy series
resembles no other...

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“Embrace the darkness within your heart, for it holds the key to your highest truth and greatest power. Darkness itself carries no evil unless we assign it so – a choice that lies within each of us. From every light, a shadow is born; without light, there would be no shadow. What we deem as good or evil stems from our experiences and interpretations. Every wisdom we need rests within us, obscured by the misconceptions of our perception, unexplored by many.

The duality of light and shadow reveals the inseparable unity of the inner and the outer: without the inner, the outer would not exist. The external emerges from the omnipresent spirit of which we are all a part yet individual. Only by tapping into your own inner wisdom and expressing your true self can you shine brightly enough to burn even the sun”.

Quote: Vinthriador

Become part of the shadow saga. ignite the power within you and don't miss out on anything

Art Elven Skull with engraved symbols like a tree and occult symbols

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    / 2023 — 2024

    A Haute Couture dressed like High Elvish Model stands next to a white horse. High elves.
    November 26, 2023
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    I am excited to share, that Valtyr has been featured as a...

    Artwork Depicting Dark Elf Mythology: "Fantasy artwork illustrating Dark Elf mythology and folklore, with mystical landscapes and characters."
    November 20, 2023
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    Introduction to the Mysterious World of Dark Elves Welcome to the fascinating...

    Dragon Warrior - Dragon Rider Dark Elves Background
    October 16, 2023
    • Valtyr
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    The Dragon Pact of Fire: Ballad of the Drakh Ignathar The Pact...

    Eldthari Dark Elf Background
    October 10, 2023
    • Valtyr
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    The Pureblood Dark Elves “In Varlagh’s heart where shadows creep, where ancient...

    Dark Elf Fantasy - When Darkness Approaches You Dont Run
    October 2, 2023
    • Valtyr
    • Posted by Valtyr

    When Darkness approaches you – Get even darker! “Approach us not, O...

    Valtyr Dark Elf Fantasy FAQ
    August 8, 2023
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    Dear readers / friends, I am pleased to present to you these...

    Latest Instagram Artworks

    / 2023 — 2024

    In the dark elf northern woods, where shadows creep, the Norathari dark secrets keep. Warriors fierce with hearts of ice, their beauty hides a deadly vice! 🧝‍♀️ With silvern blades that gleam in twilight`s glow and magic`s whisper, winds that blow.

    They stand alone, in dark, confined! Mysteries deep within their mind. Isolated, fierce and proud, They shun the world, speak not aloud. In ancient ways, their power flows… Norathari an elven legend, where darkness grows. 🗡️❄️

    All rights reserved © 2024. Follow @valtyr_official for unique content from the dark fantasy novel, “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf,” featuring original designs, poems, and artwork.
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    Witches everywhere right? They didn’t care whether people believed in them or not! They believed in YOU! 🤘🏻☠️

    No poem today since I am quite busy but if you like that creepy stuff, share, support, follow 🍻 since this Algo doesn’t like me much…

    Witchcraft l Demonic l Dark Fantasy I Dark Magic l Goth Witch | Occult l Darkness I Pagan l Horror

    👉 Should we go to the North as next or stay in Darkness???

    #horrorfan #horrorstory #gothgirl #gothgothgoth #witchcraft #darkfantasy #darkfantasynovel #creepycore #creepyart #witchcore #fantasyart

    "Uncover the dark secrets of Kingdom Yndrah... 🧝‍♂️

    The shadowed annals of Kingdom Yndrah hold whispered tales of a time when an occult, sinister cloud swept o`er the land: the Magical Plague.
    - Homes blazed with unholy fire
    - Animals fell under cruel forces
    - Some souls turned against themselves

    The witches` dark rituals indulged in sinister secrecy... 🤐

    Their presence hung over the kingdom like a pall, a reminder of the depths magic could descend to.
    As the plague waned, the witches vanished, leaving Yndrah with scars that would never fully heal. Whispers lingered in the wind, tales spun of the eerie alliance that had descended upon the realm in a darkness steeped with ominous intent....

    Share your thoughts: What do you think happened in Kingdom Yndrah? 🤔

    Follow me: @valtyr_official for more dark fantasy tales and art! 🎨

    “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf” - Experience the magic through our original designs, poems, and artworks. © 2024 @valtyr_official, all rights reserved.
    #DarkFantasyArt #FantasyIllustration #GothicArt #witchcore #HorrorArt #DarkSurrealism #BizarreArt #MacabreArt #DarkDreams #nightmarefuel

    The shadowed annals of Kingdom Yndrah hold whispered tales of a time when an occult, sinister cloud swept o`er the land: the Magical Plague. From other realms, dark witches closed upon the borders of Yndrah; their intentions veiled in dark and ill mystery. With those mysterious figures came a potent, twisted ancient magic, weaving spells which smelled of dread and despair. 🌙✨

    As the plague took firm hold, madness spread in tendrils of midnight mist. Homes blazed with unholy fire, the air thick with the scent of fear and Chaos! Animals fell under cruel touch of unseen forces, and some souls turned their hands against themselves in grim, senseless acts!

    Cloaked in darkness, the witches drew together in sinister secrecy... Their covens swelled in power with the arcane, their dark rituals indulged in under the pale moon. None dared speak aloud of what black rites they indulged in. Their presence hung over the kingdom like a pall, reminding one of the depths magic could descend to if unchecked and malevolent.

    Afterwards, as the plague waned like a dying fire and the witches vanished into the dawn as fleetly as phantoms, Yndrah wore the scars of their dark visitation. Whispers lingered in the wind tales spun of the eerie alliance that had descended upon the realm in a darkness steeped with ominous intent....

    In the ancient and mystical kingdom of Yndrah, a sinister force unleashed the devastating later called “Magical Plague”, a dark and mysterious kind of witchcraft or affliction that swept through the peaceful communities. This tale of dark fantasy reveals the horror of an unchecked dark magic and the chaotic madness it brought. The demonic affliction drove people to erratic and disturbing behaviors, leading to acts of madness such as burning homes, senseless ki**ings, and self harm. The sinister forces behind this magical chaos plunged the land into uncontrollable despair and a darkness only known by the creepiest witches and wizards. ✨

    Through this fantasy narrative, we explore the enchanted plague that transformed the kingdom of Yndrah into a cursed land of magical despair. The visual storytelling captures the haunting beauty of this “gothic art”, reflecting the fantasy lore and dark aesthetic of a world gripped by a dark magical chaos. The fantasy art not only showcases the horror fantasy elements but also delves into the occult and witch rituals that fueled the mystical plague. The animated video brings this dark tale to life with stunning animation art and motion graphics, making this a compelling piece of digital art and creative content…which I hope you will enjoy.

    Enjoy and experience the mystical madness and the dark storytelling that illustrates the profound impact of the mythical plague on the fantasy world of Yndrah which will be discussed in the upcoming Novel. This is not just a story, but a haunting narrative of fantasy affliction and magical chaos.

    © 2024 @valtyr_official - All rights reserved. Enjoy exclusive designs, poems, and artwork from the dark fantasy book series: “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf.”

    🎵 Song “Valtyr® - Endless Night” © 2024 - All rights reserved

    Trying to create a Valtyr Power Metal Song 🤘🏻 called “The Nightborn”!!! I hope the neighbours love it as much as I do… 🙏🏻 ...

    Dark Fantasy Goth Witch Escaped…. ✨

    #darkfantasy #fantasyart #darkart #darkmagic #gothbeauty #witchvibes #witchaesthetic #gothgirl #gothaesthetic #sinisterpresence #witchyvibes #darkforest #gothicstyle #fantasyphotography #darkaesthetic #mysticarts #darkfantasyart #darkmysticism #shadowrealm #hauntedrituals #grimdark #arcanearts #noirfantasy #darkrealm #phantasmagoria

    Thevelior is an esteemed Elder (Warrior Elite) among the Dark Elves of Aereathor, revered for his profound wisdom & influential counsel... Within the mystical and treacherous realms of the Kingdom of Aereathor, he plays a crucial role in guiding the destinies of many, particularly in matters that affect the balance of power and magic! ✨

    Thevelior is often sought out for his sage advice on complex issues that transcend the ordinary, making him a central figure in the unfolding events that drive the narrative of the world. His decisions and insights have far reaching implications, shaping the path not only for individuals like Vandhur the young elven boy but for entire communities within the deep forests of Aereathor... ⚔️ 🤘

    “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf” - Experience the magic through our original designs, poems, and artworks. © 2024 @valtyr_official, all rights reserved.

    Doing some „raw“ Black Metal Musik and Artwork for some atmosphere. The full track will be released soon so stay tuned 😎🍻🤘🏻

    #blackmetalistkrieg #blackmetalartwork #blackmetalhead #blackmetalband #blackmetalart #blackmetalmusic #hailsatan #blackmetal #metalhead #metalheads #darkfantasy

    The Dark Elf Secret - Down under the earth, a forgotten mystical and evil darkness celebrating grim occult rituals and ceremonies... some say it is worse than darkest witchcraft!! ⛧🔮🜏

    #darkfantasy #fantasyart #darkart #darkmagic #darkritual #necromancer #occultsymbols #darkceremony #ritualcircle #sinisterpresence #evilwizard #darkcave #ritualmagic #gothicstyle #fantasyphotography #darkaesthetic #mysticarts #darkfantasyart #darkmysticism #shadowrealm #forbiddenspells #hauntedrituals #grimdark #arcanearts #noirfantasy #darkrealm #phantasmagoria

    Fear the Dark Ones who whisper to the winged in the trees! 🧙🏻‍♀️🔮🪄 ...

    Dark Fantasy Witch and the Tree during the Dark Magical Plague 🤘 ...

    Beneath Yndrah’s twilight, shadows crept… a plague of magic, dark secrets kept. In laughter’s echo, madness spread. Homes in ashes, hearts painted red. Signs ignored, the warnings clear… Human folly fed on fear. Darkness spread, a creeping blight, plunging all in endless night! “We sought we yearned, yet found no peace, in empty madness, our hearts release!” 🤘

    #GothicHorror #horror #goth #DarkFantasy #Spellbound #GothicTales #Occultism #MysticArts #PaganWitch #DarkArtistry #EnchantedRealm #WitchyVibes #FantasyMagic #MagickMystique #ArcaneMysteries #legendofvaltyr #Witchcraft #witchesofinstagram🔮🌙 #FantasyArt #FantasyStory

    “Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf” - Experience the magic through our original designs, poems, and artworks. © 2024 @valtyr_official, all rights reserved.

    Midnight Post, As I said... since these Keepers of the Dark Secrets hate the light I post them at night! 😀 Here comes the last Keeper Number 3 - Eldgher 🤘

    Guardian Eldgher...the dark elf keeper of the tome.. In shadows deep, he finds his home. With ancient wisdom, his mind does roam. Protecting secrets in the silent gloam. In scripts of old, his purpose lies... where whispers of magic softly rise. He guards the knowledge from prying eyes... beneath the earth, where darkness lies! 🌙

    ⚔ Design, Poem & Artwork for the Dark Fantasy Novel Book Story: .:: Valtyr™ - Legend of the Dark Elf ::.
    © 2024 @valtyr_official - All rights reserved

    #GothicHorror #horror #goth #DarkFantasy #Spellbound #GothicTales #Occultism #MysticArts #PaganWitch #DarkArtistry #EnchantedRealm #WitchyVibes #FantasyMagic #MagickMystique #ArcaneMysteries #blackmetal #legendofvaltyr #Witchcraft #witchesofinstagram🔮🌙 #darkelf

    Far away in Ahvanar’s embrace, there where dragons lie, their secret magic soars the sky.
    With ancient spells and silent grace, Elven hearts in dark embrace. Beneath the shadows, power deep, in dragon’s hold, their secrets keep. Through whispered winds and ancient rhyme, Ahvanar’s magic, for all time.
    ✨Veiled in beauty, dark hearts confide, In Ahvanar’s realm, where secrets hide!

    #fantasy #fantasyworld #darkfantasy #highfantasy #epicfantasy #fantasyart #fantasyphotography #fantasystory #coverartwork #dragon #witcher #houseofthedragon #legendofvaltyr

    Valtyr® - Legend of the Dark Elf“ - Experience the magic through our original designs, poems, and artworks. © 2024 @valtyr_official, all rights reserved.

    One of the craziest Novels I've ever read

    I had the chance to read half of the chapters before the official release. "Valtyr - Legend of the Darkelf" is a novel where the grandeur of epic fantasy and high fantasy meets the intense realm of dark fantasy, set in the mesmerizing world of Aereathor. The first thing I thought of was "Wow some Drow stuff like in various fantasy settings, most notably in the "Dungeons & Dragons" universe", but it was far more. This story unfolds a rich array of characters, from Dark Elves to witches, dragons, and beings of ethereal realms, each woven into a narrative rich with allegory and adventure. While the depth and complexity might remind one of J.R.R. Tolkien's works, "Valtyr" delves even deeper, offering a unique exploration of themes where the forces of darkness and light entwine, showcasing the profound journey of each character. Embark on this dark fantasy novel, a journey where bravery, love, and the eternal battle between good and evil resonate in a world that captivates with its transformative magic.What sets 'Valtyr' apart is I guess echoes of Norse mythology, imbuing the tale with a distinct and powerful resonance. Unlike initial assumptions, this story cannot be easily compared to the likes of 'Game of Thrones', 'Baldur's Gate', or 'Harry Potter'. Instead, 'Valtyr' carves out its own niche in the fantasy genre, potentially standing as one of the best fantasy books of all time for me.

    Marian Otaiano

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