The Eldthari of Varlagh

The Pureblood Dark Elves

“In Varlagh’s heart where shadows creep, where ancient trees their vigils keep. The Eldthari Dark Elves dwell, untouched by time, In underground domains sublime. With skin of dusk and ears so keen, In twilight’s grace, they’re rarely seen. Guardians of traditions old.

They hoard their tales in vaults of gold. In complex tunnels, they reside, From Aereathor’s turmoil, they hide. Yet rumors whisper through the air, Of dark alliances forming there. In Aereathor’s strife and plight, Shall Eldthari lend their ancient might? A question hangs like mist so cold, In Varlagh’s depths, what future’s told?”

Rarely seen… In the secluded forest realm of Varlagh dwell the Eldthari, an ancient lineage of pureblood Dark Elves, untouched by the ravages of time. Deep within the woodland expanses, they have wrought intricate subterranean cities and labyrinths. Their society, unlike those led by a singular sovereign, is guided by a Council of Elders, a gathering of twelve, each bearing distinct characters, talents, and philosophies. This tradition of diverse character is deeply rooted in the very sinews of their culture.

Ancient Dark Elf - The Eldthari

A folk they are, who hold in high regard the virtues of peace and order, steadfastly adhering to ancient traditions and rites that influence manifold aspects of their daily life, from the preparation of sustenance to prayers and the arts of healing. Yet, while they cling to their time-honored ways, they are not wholly averse to change; they adapt, but only when dire necessity compels them.

In these days of waxing peril that beset Aereathor, their kin beyond the forest, the Eldthari might well be considered as potential allies. For they are the living embodiment of the Dark Elves’ original form, keepers of ancient lore and traditions, and perhaps a bulwark against the looming threats that darken the horizon.

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There is a powerful force in all of us that is waiting to be released. One finds it in the dark, the other in the light. Good or evil know neither light nor darkness, they both adapt.

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