Drakh Ignathar – The Dragon Warriors

The Dragon Pact of Fire: Ballad of the Drakh Ignathar

The Pact of Fire: Ballad of the Drakh Ignathar In mountain heights where dragons roam, And darkened skies their ancient home, There lies a tribe, in armor clad, Whose pact with beasts is far from bad. Drakh Ignathar, their name resounds, in caverns deep and underground. Their warriors bold, on dragons’ wing. Ignavaelth, their oath does sing. A rite of fire, both bold and grand, that tests the trust ‘twixt beast and man.

On moonless night, when stars are dim, they feed their dragons, stakes with vim. A potion rare from herbs they brew, with poisonous tint of darkest hue. A trial it is, of faith and will, for both could die, if trust is nil. If dragon takes and lives to tell, a bond is formed, in which they dwell. But if mistrust should rear its head, then both shall part, one surely dead. In Drakh Ignathar’s mountain lair, this pact of fire, none else would dare. For in their veins runs liquid flame and “Ignavaelth” affirms their claim.

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The Drakh Ignathar, or “Dragon Fire” in English, are a unique and formidable subrace of Dark Elves dwelling in the high mountain regions of Aereathor. Their name is a vivid emblem of their affinity for dragons and fire. Renowned for their expertise in forging weapons and armor, they use rare earths and dragon scales in their craft, making them highly sought after by blacksmiths and warriors alike.

But what truly sets them apart is their rare and specialized combat troop of Dragon Riders. Dragons, being scarce in their world, are not just beasts of burden but partners in war and life for these riders. To qualify as a Dragon Rider, one must undergo an extensive training period that begins with raising a dragon from its infancy.

The final test of this rigorous training is a life-risking ritual known as “Ignavaelth,” or the “Pact of Fire.” Conducted under the light of the New Year’s Moon, the ritual involves administering a slightly poisoned piece of beef to the dragon. The poison, prepared from rare herbs and fungi, could kill any creature in high doses but is diluted to non-lethal levels for the ritual. If the dragon accepts the offering and falls into a three-day sleep, the pact is sealed, binding the rider and dragon in an unbreakable soulbound relationship. Should the dragon sense betrayal, it has full liberty to kill its would-be rider, and no Dark Elf may intervene.

The Drakh Ignathar are not just warriors; they are scholars of an ancient pact between dragon and elf, keepers of a perilous ritual that solidifies that bond. They are a fierce, insular society, always keeping their traditions close, as they navigate a world that is both threatened and fascinated by their unique skills and their dangerous, yet awe-inspiring, dragon companions.

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There is a powerful force in all of us that is waiting to be released. One finds it in the dark, the other in the light. Good or evil know neither light nor darkness, they both adapt.

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