When Darkness Approaches You

When Darkness approaches you – Get even darker!

“Approach us not, O shades of night, for we’ve embraced a darker light. In this dark oath, our spirits blend, with demon’s witch, our fears we end!”

This sentence is the component of a dark oath to which the people of the Venarak commit. The oath is blessed by a kind of demonic witch, and a blessed Venarak thereby receives his official admission into the sinister community. A Venarak takes no step back in the face of his already nearly eradicated fears!

Since I got some questions in regards of some of the poems meaning, (and I guess not many read the captions on Instagram 😉 ) let me give you here a bit of context linked to the fantasy story… If you have any additional questions, let me know:

“Approach us not, O shades of night”:
This line portrays the Venarak as beings too dark even for the shadows of the night. It serves as a challenge to all dark forces to not approach them, as they are darker still.

“For we’ve embraced a darker light”:
A paradox suggesting that the Venarak have embraced a different form of “light” or understanding, one that lies in darkness. It could also imply an alternative morality or ethics that might be considered “dark” to outsiders 😉

“In this dark oath, our spirits blend”:
This indicates the “unity” and bonding among the Venarak themselves. Through taking this dark oath, their spirits merge into a (lets call it) community.

“With demon’s witch, our fears we end”:
This line suggests that the blessing of the demonic witch provides them a form of liberation or strength that ends or minimizes their fears. It could also imply that their fearlessness is the result of a pact with darker powers.

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There is a powerful force in all of us that is waiting to be released. One finds it in the dark, the other in the light. Good or evil know neither light nor darkness, they both adapt.

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