Our High Elves in “Life Is Art” Magazine

I am excited to share, that Valtyr has been featured as a ‘Editor’s Choice Featured Artist’ in the Fall 2023 edition of “Life Is Art Magazine”. A heartfelt thank you to @siennaevebenton and the entire team at Life Is Art Magazine @lifeisartmag for this opportunity. This edition, a collector’s gem, brings to the forefront the ethereal realm of Valtyr and the High Elves, a creation that has captivated the hearts of many fantasy enthusiasts.

Life is Art Magazine, founded by the visionary Sienna Benton, stands as a beacon in the world of contemporary art, lifestyle and creativity. This publication not only showcases artistic brilliance but also delves into the stories and inspirations behind each creation. The magazine’s latest issue, available for purchase at, is a testament to its commitment to exploring diverse realms of imagination.

Fantasy Art in Life is Art Magazine. A bunch of art magazines lying on a fantasy background

Valtyr and the High Elves in the Magazine’s Context

In its pages, Life is Art Magazine presents “Valtyr and the High Elves,” a series that transcends the ordinary. The feature captures the essence of these celestial beings, who exist in a dimension beyond our reach, offering guidance and wisdom to their earthly Dark Elf kin. The portrayal is not just an artistic achievement but a narrative that intertwines the spiritual, fantasy, art and the mystical.

The heart of this feature lies in the intricate and mesmerizing artworks depicting Valtyr and the High Elves. Each piece, a blend of light colors and intricate details, invites the viewer into a world where magic and reality converge. The art, a fusion of inspiration drawn from various mythologies and creative musings, reflects the depth and complexity of these celestial beings.

The Ethereal High Elves, as portrayed in “Life is Art Magazine,” are not merely figments of high fantasy but also resonate with some viewers as a nod to high fashion. The artistic depiction of Valtyr and his celestial kin bears a striking resemblance to the grandeur of haute couture. Every element of their attire is digitally crafted with an attention to detail and a pursuit of excellence.

This artistic choice builds a bridge between two realms of creativity, bestowing upon the fantastic world of the High Elves the transformative power of haute couture.

The images of the High Elves, resplendent in their otherworldly attire, do more than tell a story; they invite viewers to contemplate the confluence of fantasy and fashion. They prompt a dialogue about how fashion influences our perceptions of beauty and power, much like the High Elves themselves, who command respect and admiration through their magnificence.

By incorporating these elements of fashion, “Life is Art Magazine” not only showcases the fantastical and the magical but also celebrates the transcendent nature of fashion as an art form.

Being featured in Life is Art Magazine is not just an honor but a milestone that signifies the resonance of the world of Valtyr and the world of the Elves / Dark Elves of the Kingdom of Aereathor with a broader audience. This feature is an invitation to readers to embark on a journey through the dark, horrible, ethereal and the mystical, as depicted in the vibrant pages of this esteemed publication.

Thank You

To my dearest followers, friends, and family, your support and encouragement have been the pillars of this journey and… and it didn’t even really start. Remember to secure your copy of this issue and join the community on Instagram at @lifeisartmag, where the celebration of creativity and imagination never ends. A great and incredible journey through a fantastic universe lies ahead of us and I am very much looking forward to sharing it with you all.

There is a powerful force in all of us that is waiting to be released. One finds it in the dark, the other in the light. Good or evil know neither light nor darkness, they both adapt.

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