Legion Valgoth Assassins

In the shadows, the Valgoth lurk,
Their hunger for power, a flame that won’t be murked.
With eyes fixed on the human magician,
They seek to know the secrets of their arcane ignition.


For they need that power, to achieve their holy goal,
To reign supreme, and take control.
The darkelves too, seek what they seek,
And so, the Valgoth must act quick and sleek.


To find the magician, and keep them hidden,
To take what they need, and leave none bidden.
For if the darkelves gain what they seek,
All hope for Valgoth’s power will seem bleak.


So they’ll move in silence, strike in the night,
And leave no trace of their coveted sight.
For the Valgoth know, the stakes are high,
And they’ll do whatever it takes, to reach the sky.


Photos & Artwork © Copyright by Valtyr.com


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