Isvind – The Ice Witch

The Dark Elves tremble with fear,
For what they dreaded is now here.
Elemental magic in human hands,
Leads to great suffering across the lands.


A Human heart, once pure and kind,
Now corrupted by the power of the mind.
For magic, it seems, is not for mortals,
It twists and turns, and warps their morals.


She may transform into an unknown creature,
With powers beyond our wildest feature.
Her magic could twist and distort her form,
And create a being that’s both beautiful and dangerous, in a powerful storm.


For the power she radiated, was far beyond her control,
And those who noticed, should never know.
The Dark Elves fear the hu’mans power, a force they can’t withstand,
They’ll seek all the help they can find, to stop her deadly command.


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