Tjelldri – The Shadows Poison

A young witch elf, with magic in her heart
Learning the dark ancient arts, a new path to start
She seeks the spirits, of the forest deep
Guided by the moon, secrets to keep.


The rustling leaves, and the hooting owl
Are her companions, on this enchanted prowl
She walks through the woods, with a sense of wonder
Exploring the unknown, and the magic that’s under.


She draws strength, from the shadows and night,
And her enemies cower, at the sight of her might.
For she wields magic, like a deadly weapon,
And with a flick of her wrist, can cause destruction.


So beware of this witch, who lurks in the night,
With a power so dark, and a will so strong and bright.
For her magic is deadly, and her heart is cold,
And in the face of danger, her power will unfold.


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