Gondresk – Undead Legion Valgoth

Hated by the Darkelves, the undead legion, the Valgoth,
A united power in the North,
Their magic grants them endless life,
And their intentions hidden from sight.


Legends speak of their forsaken past,
Of people outcast, forgotten and harassed,
But there’s more to their story untold,
A darker truth, a mystery to behold.


They know no mercy, these undead souls,
Their power unchecked, their hunger unfolds,
What drives them, none can say,
But all fear their wrath, night or day.


Beware the Valgoth, with their undead might,
For in their eyes, there’s no trace of light,
Only a hunger, a thirst for power and control,
A force to fear, a presence to behold.


Photos & Artwork © Copyright by Valtyr.com


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