Jehdrak – Undead Legion Valgoth

The Valgoth, a legion, kind of undead,
Hear whispers of that human with powers widespread.
The human magician who can control water at will,
A power the undead seek to own or kill.


For what they want with such a power,
Is unknown, but it grows by the hour.
Their intentions shrouded in darkness,
A threat to all, with their looming starkness.


The Darkelves seek to banish the magician away,
But the Valgoth seek to claim their prey.
Who will find the magician first,
And what fate awaits them in the burst?


For in the clash of power and might,
Lies the truth behind this looming fight.
And the fate of all, in the balance will lie,
As the dark elves and Valgoths forces , collide.

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