Bogfar – The Forests Dwarf Guardian

Bogfar listens closely to the forest’s sighs,
To the whisper of the wind and the owl’s cries,
But none have given him a sign of a threat,
So his doubt in the deadlands dark elves lingers yet.


This dwarf of ancient and wise renown,
A protector of the forest and its crown,
With his axe, Thiurholg, by his side,
He stands tall and proud, never to hide.


Bogfar is kind, a lovely character to see,
But also strict, with a heart full of mystery,
For he doesn’t trust others with ease,
Preferring caution to keep him at ease.


Now, the dark elves of the deadlands plead,
For Bogfar’s help to get rid of a witch,
But with doubt still lingering in his heart,
Bogfar must decide, and play his part.


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