Deadlands Royal Family: Shiriell

Within the twilight realm, a tale begun,
Shiriell, the third daughter, rose above,
A diplomat, with loyalty and love,
Striving for balance, unity begun.


Her heart embraced the natural world’s charm,
Enchanted by the secrets Earth would share,
A student of the magic in the air,
The mysteries of nature her life’s balm.


A politician wise, her nature kind,
Her presence strong, with charisma rare,
An easygoing friend, a soul who cared,
Her intellect, a treasure trove to find.


Both skilled in fighting arts and dark arcane,
Unusual for one of Dark Elf birth,
This fusion of the two, her power’s worth,
A special path, a destiny ordained.


Yet deep within, a longing filled her heart,
A soulmate true, who’d understand her core,
Despite her life’s abundance, she yearned for more,
That missing piece, a love to never part.


In sleepless nights, her sadness would unfold,
A quiet sorrow, hidden from the light,
Her heart’s desire, the end to her soul’s plight,
A love to find, a story yet untold.


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