Asvaldr – Deadlands Dark Elf

Honour & Glory – Stand when others fall!

In the dark and tangled forests of Aereathor,
A Dark Elf ventured forth, lost and unsure.
But what he found there, was beyond his ken,
A girl or witch so powerful, she could destroy men.


Asvaldr, a leader of the Deadlands Elves,
Could not believe that they had been bested by a girl so young,
Their failure was a source of shame and disgrace,
A blemish on their honor that they could not erase.


To make matters worse, Aereathor sought help from the Astral Highelves,
A desperate plea for guidance and aid in their time of need,
But Asvaldr could not abide by this shameful act,
For he knew that it would only bring further disrepute to their pact.


The Deadland Elves must stand alone, with their own strength and might,
To end this shame and rise up to the fight,
No more would they rely on Astral Highelve rats,
For they were resolved to triumph, and nothing could change that.


Their determination will not be curbed,
As they face this evil, with their honor preserved,
For they will not let her name, a memory make,
And her legacy, forever to darkness, take.


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