The Unknown Thread – Not a Witch?

In Aereathor the kingdom of mighty darkness, all is not well,
For one of the dark elves has gone astray,
Lost in the forests where strange things dwell,
Where screams are heard at night and unknown things stray.


Beware, for this witch may not be what she seems,
A harbinger of an unknown darkness, a bringer of dreams,
Of nightmares and horrors that make one scream,
A being far worse than any we’ve seen.


The screams in the forest may be her doing,
A warning of the darkness to come,
And if we don’t act, we risk undoing,
All that we’ve built, our kingdom undone.


What’s become of our once-great kingdom,
Where magic flowed like a river pure,
Now, it’s but a shadow of its former rhythm,
With chaos and despair at its very core.


Two devils plague our lands,
Their origin a mystery to all,
One, Isvind, the Ice Witch so grand,
The other, a shadow that takes the form of a girl so small.


So let us band together,
Our hearts and our wills entwine,
And vow to fight until forever,
Until our kingdom again shines.


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