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There is a powerful force in all of us that is waiting to be released. One finds it in the dark, the other in the light. Good or evil know neither light nor darkness, they both adapt.


    1. Dear Sarah, thank you very much for the question… yes indeed, I can’t tell you everything right now but there will be some badass cool Shirts at the beginning right after the official launch and there is some more stuff in the pipe afterwards 😉 be prepared. Happy to keep you posted 🙂

  • Hello and hails from greece, your dark art already inspired me so much, iam looking forward to support you, and cant wait for your start launch,
    Also i have to tell that the design its exactly what i want for a movie or book , at least in my imagination when im writing my book i had the same ideas about my character,i feel so connected with your art
    Hope, keep going friend

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