Elethoria – Circle of Irithor

The Circle Of Irithor

In times of darkness, when answers are few,
And the unknown puzzles outnumber the clues,
The Darkelves turn to the Circle of Irithor,
For their wisdom and power, they implore.


Three witches of immense strength and might,
Who guard the natural magic forces, day and night,
Their aid is not guaranteed, for they believe in self-regulation,
But the Darkelves hope for their support in this dire situation.


For Isvind has appeared, and her creation a mystery,
The Darkelves seek to stop her, and end this misery,
With the Circle of Irithor’s help, they may uncover the truth,
And bring an end to Isvind, the villain uncouth.


Amidst the search for answers and aid,
The Darkelves face a daunting crusade,
For unknown dark forces also hunt Isvind,
Their intentions unclear, yet a threat unrefined.


But they know they must not relent,
For Isvind’s existence is a danger evident,
They must stop her and end the hunt,
To protect their people from any further affront.


Photos & Artwork © Copyright by Valtyr.com


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